Power Ionics Health Magnetic 800 Gauss/Ball Therapy Plasters

800 Gauss/Ball!

Model No.:HL023

Size: Round Dia 21mm/pc,10pcs/pack
Materials: Magnetic,Medical gauze

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Power Ionics Magnetic Therapy Plasters are small ceramic magnets mounted on circular plasters, which create a magnetic force strength of 800-1200 GAUSS. 

This is a completely natural form of magnet therapy recognised by modern science and has been used for thousands of years. 

- Can be applied easily to the area of discomfort.
- Can be left in place for up to five days. 
- Safe to use, even when showering or washing.

* The Magnetic Therapy Plasters is one of health care thing.
* It made organic of the magnetic field intensity is 800-1200 gauss and magnetic fild fortifier.
* When you use it, it can adjust according to the different ill parts. It has obvious curative effect that curevarious parenchyma wrick, pull wrick, contuse, toothache,
   arthralgia and another allaying inflammation,acesodyne, and concrescence. It adapts to family, tourist and athlete health care standby.

* Muscular Aches & Pains
* Stiffness
* Muscular Strains
* Headaches & more

Magnetic, made as organic of magnetic field intensity 800-1200 gauss and magnetic field fortifier,Medical| gauze

Round Dia 21mm/pc,10pcs/pack

How to use:
* Apply the plaster on the painful spots in the body to be relived.
* Make sure hands are clean and dry before removing from backing sheet.
* Clean and dry the surface of the skin where you plan to put the magna pod.
* It produces the effect after 30 minutes.
* The local temperature will rise when using it,and a hot sensation is normal.
* This can accelerate blood circulation and relieve pains.
* For best performance,the plaster is last for about 5 days.

* This plasters should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker or any other electronic medicaldevice. Doing so may cause the device to malfunction.
* Do not apply to children under the age of 12.
* Do not leave in the reach of children.
* Do not leave in reach of adults that require supervision.
* Avoid swallowing the magnet.

* If at any time you feel dizzy or do not feel well. Stop using immediately and consult your physician.
* Should not be used with any other Medical Device.
* Damage may be caused if you place this item near anythings that can be adversely. Effected by magnetism such as credit cards, watches and floppy discs.
* If you feel any irritation, itching or pain, remove immediately and consult your physician.

* When there are side effects or skin irritation,take the plaster off immediately.
* Keep the plasters in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.
* Read the explanation before use.
* These plasters are for external use only.
* Store in place where keep away from children. 


*Come with Micropore PE adhesive tape,you can use this to fix plaster position when medical gauze fall off. 

* 1xPack(10pcs) Power ionics magnetic Therapy Plasters 
* 1xRoll Micropore PE adhesive tape 
* 1xEnglish User Manual(Reference Points for Various Symptoms)


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