> Can I have ‘too much of a good thing’ with negative ions?
At the concentrations normally experienced, no. Negative ions are beneficial to one’s inner health and backed by decades of research from highly respected institutions from all over the world. 

> Why are negative ions ‘good’ and positive ions ‘bad’?
It seems that many important chemical processes related to health and mood are needy for electrons. When they get the electrons they need (from a handy passing negative ion), the processes flow on as they were meant to and one experiences the corresponding health benefits.

> What’s a negative ion anyway?
Ions – along with atoms and molecules – are the smallest particles in commonly found in nature. Some ions or atoms gain an extra electron and these are called negative ions. 

> I’m not sure my bracelet is working. How can I check?
Every person’s experience will be different. Some people are more sensitive than others, so we suggest that you remove your bracelet or necklace and keep a careful watch on your general level of wellbeing. Then return wearing the bracelet or necklace after a week or two, and notice the difference. 

> My bracelet or necklace is looking rather grubby. Can I clean it?
Yes. A gentle cleansing with a mild soap is suitable, however this should be only undertaken occasionally. 

> Will my bracelet keep on working indefinitely?
In principle, yes. The mineral ingredients in your bracelet or necklace do not degrade. Of course, the silicon and connectors will naturally wear and deteriorate over time.

> Could I have a reaction to any of Power Ionics products?
The necklaces and bracelets are made of surgical silicon rubber and are totally safe for the vast majority of people. However, if you are severely allergic to silicon or rubber we would not recommend our, or similar products. 

> Can I wear Power Ionics products while I am sleeping?
Definitely. Power Ionics necklaces and bracelets can be worn 24 hours a day. Although, we recommend taking off the necklace or bracelet before going to bed. 

> Are Power Ionics bracelets and necklaces waterproof?
Yes, but it may speed up degradation of the silicon resin matrix holding the negative ion-producing minerals and is not recommended. We recommend that the necklaces and bracelets are removed before such activities as swimming, bathing or showering. 

> Does the gemstone also produce negative ions?
No. Although Amethyst, rose quartz and crystal quartz possess their own metaphysical properties that accompany the silicone necklace or bracelet, they themselves do not produce negative ions.

> How do Power Ionics products produce negative ions?
Power Ionics necklaces and bracelets use a specially formulated combination of tourmaline, germanium and other minerals to produce the negative ions.

Tourmaline, germanium and other mineral gemstones have been recognised for thousands of years as possessing metaphysical benefits. These benefits are significantly enhanced when the size of the crystals are reduced – thus increasing the surface area of the crystals. The increase in the surface area of such gemstones as Tourmaline - results in a higher stream of beneficial negative ions being produced.

Power Ionics bracelets and necklaces are specially manufactured using soft silicone embedded with thousands of these tiny negative ion producing tourmaline and germanium crystals. When these crystals are combined with a unique combination of other natural minerals, the negative ions produced is significantly increased and in turn - enhances the health benefits one can obtain from wearing a Power Ionics necklace or bracelet.

The diagram below illustrates how the thousands of tiny crystals are embedded into the soft silicone in order to produce the high-stream of beneficial negative ions produced by Power Ionics necklaces and bracelets.