Negative Ions - A brief explanation...
Ions (from the Greek ‘wanderer’) are electronically charged atoms or molecules that exist throughout our environment – air, water, food, drinks. Many years of research has proved conclusively that ions have major impacts on health and wellbeing. (see for instance, ‘Psychological Medicine,2005, 35, pp 945 – 955. Cambridge University Press, 2005). 

Interestingly, negative ions – those with excess negative charge - tend to have good impacts on health, while positive ions have bad effects. Negative ions are generated from evaporating water, among other sources. This is why many people experience mood uplifts while walking along a beach, or standing near a waterfall. 

Positive ions may be generated by electric discharges – storms, electronic equipment (including computers), electric trains, air conditioning, etc., creating the depressive feelings most of us know only too well.

Negative Ions from Power Ionics necklaces and bracelets

Tourmaline, germanium and other mineral gemstones have been recognised for thousands of years as possessing metaphysical benefits. These benefits are significantly enhanced when the size of the crystals are reduced – thus increasing the surface area of the crystals. The increase in the surface area of such gemstones as Tourmaline - results in a higher stream of beneficial negative ions being produced. 

Power Ionics bracelets and necklaces are specially manufactured using soft silicone embedded with thousands of these tiny negative ion producing tourmaline and germanium crystals. When these crystals are combined with a unique combination of other natural minerals, the negative ions produced is significantly increased and in turn - enhances the health benefits one can obtain from wearing a Power Ionics necklace or bracelet. 

The diagram below illustrates how the thousands of tiny crystals are embedded into the soft silicone in order to produce the high-stream of beneficial negative ions produced by Power Ionics necklaces and bracelets.